The First Sacred Responsibility is Self-Care

Action Steps For This Sacred

  • Take a moment and think about your current experience with Self-Care.
  • Write down 3 things you do right now, that you consider Self-Care.
  • Read the chapter.
  • Enjoy the practice exercises.
  • Digest the material and head to the next chapter, Rise and Shine.

Chapter Highlights

  • Tiny devotional rituals. Restoring self-honour.
  • Making powerful shifts in lifestyle and personal attitude.
  • New ways of treating yourself ignites new ways of responding to life.
Author's thoughts

“Good health is not just an absence of symptoms; it’s the presence of high energy, endless stamina, creative intelligence, an interest in work, and a peaceable disposition. -Penny Kelly

Sacred Responsibility Defined: A highly valued course of action towards personal happiness that is regarded with reverence. A moral obligation to respond to life in ways that increase our life force and vitality.

Your Self-Care practice is the beacon of light that will illuminate all of the other Sacred Responsibilities. Read your chapter slowly with an open mind and an open heart. You may be surprised to find that you are indeed already immersed in Self-Care rituals with many of the things you already do, we just need to shine a little more light on them!


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