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Thats right, you have full access to our self-paced ride through The Eight Sacred Responsibilities FREE until December 31st 2021!

Today is the day you start your journey towards vitality. Now that you are here, head to the drop down menu The Eight Sacred Responsibilities, to your top right, and begin with the Introduction. This section will set you up for the main event, reclaiming your vitality.

You have landed in a community of women world wide who are taking Sacred Responsibility for their vitality, happiness, and their relationships. We are cultivating a love your life attitude! This is your community of like hearted women and we are so glad you are here.

“Let this marvellous book inspire you to claim and transform your life for the better” -HeatherAsh Amara Author

Once you finish each chapter you will be prompted to go on to the next, take your time, do one chapter a day, or a week, do them with a friend! Because together we are stronger.

If you have ever pondered what your legacy will be once you leave this gorgeous green planet, know that it will be the example you set by taking Sacred Responsibility for your happiness.

getting ready

  • Get a pen and paper, or a journal handy to make notes when inspired.
  • Carve out this time for yourself, you are worth it. Read that again.
  • Tell a friend you are taking sacred responsibility for your vitality and ask  them to join you.
  • Make yourself a priority, you are the only one who can do this.
  • Know that there is room to continue your growth in this community with yoga, dance, meditation and deeper dives into our courses.
  • Know that you are loved. Read that again also.

Welcome to your 2021

Free Ride!

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Interwoven into this book is not only a guide to foster the healing of silenced feminine’s sacred body and mind but we are also taken on a storytelling journey that invites us to lovingly embody the knowingness and extreme passion that Cathy Mines personifies and lives daily.

-Sue Regan Kenney, Wim Hof Instructor and Author of My Camino

Cathy shines from the heart, her cheerleading voice guiding readers–but make no mistake she knows she’s asking for hard work and honest reflection. Through these profound Sacred Responsibilities she reminds us that we all can and will be living big and joyously. I’m grabbing my baton!

-Andrea Gutsche, Filmmaker, Psychotherapist, RPQ

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