Living Sacred Daily
Living Sacred Daily
Living Sacred Daily ~ 12-week Course

Living Sacred Daily ~ 12-week Course

For life long, lasting change learn the 10 original Biohacking habits of vitality. Your health and happiness is our top priority, join our vibrant community and be inspired, supported and changed through these exceptional habits.

The Eight Sacred Responsibilities Course

The Eight Sacred Responsibilities

It’s a book, it’s a guide, it’s movement! Take a Free Ride on our self-passed course based on the book The Eight Sacred Responsibilities by Cathy Mines. Tend to your heart, mind, body and spirit in this free offering.


Become a Sacred Facilitator

If it makes your heart sing to stand with other like-hearted women as a mentor, guide or example of strength and kindness then this program is for you. A world wide movement of women lifting eachother up and paying it forward.

A Reach Yoga Lifestyle

Cathy Mines, your Facilitator, offers rich programs of Yoga, Ayurveda, Meditation and Dance.

 Since 2003 we have been Living The Reach Yoga Lifestyle, this means that in the spaces between our community classes, we continue to live a life of self care, self reflection and service to others.

We stay in the flow of treating ourselves like someone we love. AND we treat our bodies like the sacred soul vehicle that it is, perfectly designed and seriously lovable.

The Eight Sacred Responsibilities

It’s a book, a guide, a movement. By Cathy Mines.



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Rise and Shine

Show up, thrive and flourish. Read More

Know Yourself

Shining in your authenticity. Read More


Honour every thread of the tapestry of your life. Read More

Honour your Intuition

Respect your inner wisdom keeper. Read More

Create and Play

Sensuality, vitality and living in a turned on state. Read More

Relax and Celebrate

Celebrate yourself and others. Age gracefully. Read More


Living in a state of gratitude for healthy mind, body and spirit. Read More

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Living Sacred Daily