Living Sacred Daily ~ 12-week Course

Learn the ten original biohacking habits that support health, joy and a life well lived.
 Increased vitality is our goal. Valuing ourselves deeply is the path.
This is the art of living sacred daily.

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10 Original Biohacking Habits

Our Living Sacred Daily Course consists of 10 life enhancing habits found in the ancient wisdom of yoga and Ayurveda.

These systems teach us to live our earth-bound lives with maximum vital life-force.

By cultivating the ten habits of daily sacred life from these sacred traditions, you can cultivate the joy and vitality you need for your optimal life.

Studied over twelve weeks, the ten Living Sacred Daily habits will support lasting change toward a life well lived.

Invest in your bio-education and claim your vitality now!

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What you get in the Living sacred Daily Course

  • 12 Course Calls: Live on the ZOOM platform.
  • A generous study and experiential course curriculum full of videos, work sheets and an awesome workbook.
  • Weekly course curriculum e-mails full of goodies.
  • A private course hub for members to access everything easily. Your one-stop shop!
  • Life time access to your course semester recordings.
  • All of this in the container of an amazing group of like hearted  people orienting towards vitality.

Big Bonus Treats!

  • An access pass to Q1 Body Thrive! This is 12 weeks of video recordings with with my teacher!  For as long as you are in my course I will pay for your access to this amazing series of recordings and inspiration.
  • A Downloadable Copy of Body Thrive by Cate Stillman.

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“Interestingly enough, when we do things that are good for us everyone benefits”

-Cathy Mines, Facilitator

Many thanks! I appreciated the volumes of resources that were available to us through the course.

Mary K, Bracebridge ON

The 10 habits in the Living Sacred Daily course have been life-changing! It has given me a framework on how to live a life of vitality in body, mind, and spirit. It has affirmed the good habits I already had in place and has taught me many new habits to increase my vitality. The 10 habits are a way of life and I am so grateful for these teachings.
Natalie Turato, Toronto

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January 26th-April 13th

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“I am so glad I took this program! It has been an eye-opening voyage of self-discovery. It was so much fun to be in an amazing community building the habits to uplevel my vitality and joie de vivre. I can’t wait for the next session!”

-Kirsten, Victoria BC

Meet The Habits!

  • Habit 1: Earlier, Lighter Dinner
  • Habit 2: Early To Bed
  • Habit 3: Start The Day Right
  • Habit 4: Breath Body Practice
  • Habit 5: Plant Based Diet
  • Habit 6: Self Massage
  • Habit 7: Sit In Silence
  • Habit 8: Rhythmic Eating
  • Habit 9: Come to Your Senses
  • Habit 10: Easeful Living

“Together we walk the way of the sovereign person, taking sacred responsibility for every aspect of our thoughts, words and actions in a fiery act of defiance over boredom, self-sabotage and old programs.”

-Cathy Mines

Level up Your Vitality Like A Pro with our 1 Year Journey

Drop by drop, fill your cup. Start with a 12-week study and implementation of the 10 habits, followed by level two and three teachings to cement the habits and deepen our learning. In our fourth semester, our habit study shifts inward, experiencing the habits as automatic within us, we have a day retreat in the fourth semester and two group calls. We are in for the long haul! Each level offers us an opportunity to grow our 10 habits, and increase our vitality, joy, health and happiness.

  • Weekly group class calls to focus deeply on each habit.
  • Access to The Eight Sacred Responsibilities self-paced journey for thriving in your Third Act of life. (Value $100.00)
  • Year-long discounted fee structure. (Our call schedule)

Year Long Journey Fees Option

A year-long group study of the habits keeps us connected and focused on our collective goals of vitality and joy.

  • 1st Session Level One $575.00
  • 2nd Session Level Two $525.00
  • 3rd Session Level Three $475.00
  • 4th Session Retreat Time! Day Retreat Included for all one year members.
  • Ready to commit to the one year journey? Are you ALL IN? If so this is your discounted price $1500.00

This is a life-changing program! While, at first, incorporating 10 new habits sounded overwhelming, the “kaisen” approach to it all (drop-by-drop) allowed me to explore each one individually, and then be fascinated seeing the potential for how they can all fit together to create a more vibrant life for myself, and for those around me. Cathy is funny, warm and welcoming, and held safe space for the group as we grew into a caring, dynamic community. I’m looking forward to the next phase!
Vicki Rostant

Toronto ON

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the old way

  • Poor quality sleep. Late nights. I’m tired.
  • Not enough energy to do what I want.
  • The people in my life are not interested in healthy living.
  • I have brain fog, forgetfulness, and lac creative inspiration.
  • I don’t know how to change.
  • I want to live my best life ever.
  • I need support to make lasting change.
  • I want to feel good in my own skin.

the living sacred daily way

  • I sleep deeply in harmony with my natural rhythms.
  • I wake up refreshed and ready to enjoy the day.
  • I accept where others are at while rocking my self-care.
  • My mind is clear and I feel inspired to treat myself like someone I love.
  • I orient myself towards vitality.
  • I am part of a group of like minded people who are my cheerleaders.
  • I feel good in my body.

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“You deserve to feel your best each day. Your health and happiness matters to me. After all, what is this life without health and happiness?”

-Cathy Mines

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January 26th-April 13th

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Join Our 12 week Ride into Vitality! $575.00

Course Curriculum Overview and the Habits

Claim Your Vitality Now
  • A 12 week journey with a supportive community.

  • Weekly course calls. 90 minutes of learning, sharing and Q&A.

  • Forever access to your course video recordings.

  • Full access to our forum Facebook page. Success stories hub, and the place to be supported by all of your cheerleaders.

  • Option to join the one year ride, keep going!

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I am passionate about all of us feeling our very best!


Prep Call

Next Level Health

Week 1

Habit 1

Earlier Lighter Dinner

Week 2

Habit 2

Early To Bed

Week 3

Habit 3

Start The Day Right

Week 4

Habit 4

Breath Body Practice

Week 5

Habit 5

Plant Based Diet

Week 6

Habit 6

Self Massage

Week 7

Habit 7

Sit in Silence

Week 8

Habit 8

Rhythmic Eating

Week 9

Habit 9

Come to your senses

Week 10

Habit 10

Easeful Living

Wrap Party

What’s Next

Anchoring the Habits

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Join our upcoming session for a change in perspective!

January 26th-April 13th

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Join Our 12 week Ride into Vitality! $575.00
Living Sacred Daily