Maintaining our Connection: The Sacred Circle

Strengthening our Internal connection

Our first connection to maintain is always with ourselves. Following the 80/20 Rule for the Sacred Woman will help you to form a strong connection with your highest and best self.

The 80/20 rule was named by management consultant Joseph M. Juran after Italian economist Vilfredo Pareto who observed that 80% of our outcomes come from 20% of our inputs. (If you sit on any volunteer committees you may have noticed, 20% of the people do 80% of the work. It is funny because it is true!)

And this is where it gets real, ladies. When applied to living our sacred responsibilities lifestyle we can manage the expectations we have for ourselves more gently. If we now know that 20% of our efforts produce 80% of our results this gives us an exciting wisdom that is highly appropriate for a movement of fiery and fabulous women in

our third act of life. We can have the knowledge that if we focus 20% of our efforts on thoughts, words and actions that increase our vitality, we have a winning mindset, with the other 80% of our time being open to the great mystery allowing life to unfold and surprise us.

I know we are told to stop having expectations and we won’t have disappointments. I love to challenge that in my life, just a little, because I’m sassy that way. I most certainly have high expectations of myself and I am also willing to be gentle with myself as I uphold them. And guess what! I am a fiery, resilient woman—a little disappointment now and again makes things interesting and tests my Sacred Superpowers! I also keep the expectations I have of myself narrowed down to just a few categories in my life. Eight categories to be exact, Self-Care, Rise and Shine, Know Yourself, Collaborate, Honour Your Intuition, Create and Play, Relax and Celebrate, and Gratitude. And I keep the 80/20 rule in mind when it comes to the expectations I have for myself in each of these areas. I do have an expectation for myself and all of you, that we be open to new perspectives that increase our vitality and our happiness. We can make change in our lives as much, or as little, as fast or as slow as we choose, but expect change. Be ready, resilient, and resourceful, sisters!

The truth about impulse

If we do not act on our impulse to do the practices, I believe a cosmic door slams shut. There is something that happens when we cut off our flow of inspiration, and when we are inspired to move our body—we simply must. There are impulses or “messages” trying to speak to us, conspiring to move us. I believe that this impulse is alive in the 20% and that is why it yields such abundant success, the 80% of benefit. Messages, impulses, nudges from our spirit helpers—whatever way it takes you to understand the power of the creative impulse, get to know that it exists in all of us and each impulse is a spark, igniting a fire.

If we do not respond to our impulse, the brain has the ability to give us the signals to do what we always do. By acting on our impulse to do the practice we begin to rewire the communication pathways in our brain. We take advantage of the brain’s neuroplasticity and its capability of stretching and expanding.

It is easy to think, “I don’t have time today for that new thing I tried to start”. Two days go by…then three…and we never got back to our simple Magical Moment breath and we totally forgot to play the pretend “I won the lottery game.” The book is collecting dust by our bedside and we start to believe this was just another hope for a quick fix to change. You had an expectation of yourself and it is not looking like you had originally planned.

The reality is, you’ve got this, and we have got each other and sometimes we forget that we are making our own happiness a priority and that is absolutely ok. I promise, you will remember, and you will continue to build your life around your happiness becoming your priority.

The way to gently building our sustainable practice is one step at a time. Applying the Eight Sacred Responsibilities to an already transitioning life can seem awkward— like any new thing we bring into our lives. But if we introduce the new commitment to sacred responsibility gently, our rate of success and sustainability increases substantially. Begin by applying an effort of 20% in each of the Sacred Responsibilities. You can break that down any way you like but I will give you a few examples as a template, taking Self-Care as our example.

I have a long list of things that make me happy in my category of self-care and I know I can’t do all of them today, so I will pick one and commit to putting 20% more effort into that particular thing than I have done up until now. Breaking it down even further, if yoga is high on my list of things that make me happy, and that is the piece I have chosen today, I would increase something in my practice by 20%. It could be the length of time I move my body, it could be increasing my strength or flexibility by 20% it could be staying in that final relaxation pose for 20% longer than I normally do.

You could choose to drink 20% more water than you normally do, get 20% more sleep. You could practice your opera singing with 20% more focus than you have in the past. You may want to walk 20% faster or slower or further than you would normally walk. Which activity you chose know that the likelihood of a positive outcome can be found in the 80/20 rule.

I can break it down in time for you also. If I have a 20-minute morning yoga practice it would be logical that I would increase the benefits received if I added 20% to the time, effort, or focus. So, I can add four minutes to my practice and expect to receive an 80% return on my time.

The point of all of this is to make it clear that we are going to have great success with an extra 20% investment in ourselves. You can decide what the energy of that effort is each day. Whether it be 20% more physical effort, emotional or spiritual, every day you decide. Just follow your impulse and decide to do your practice.

Prove Me Right!

I have had this conversation going on in my heart for many years now and it is a conversation where we no longer put effort into proving each other wrong. It is here that I open myself up to all of you to prove me right on this. Begin to shift 20% of your thoughts, words or actions towards your practice of the Eight Sacred Responsibilities.

Move, breathe and imagine yourself living an inspired life that is sacred to you. Use our practices in some way each day as you increase your understanding and your diligence that a life riddled with happiness, creativity, relaxation, celebration and gratitude is yours for the receiving. Make a small step each day towards this becoming your new normal. The brain loves repetition, it loves routine, so give it that with our practices and what you will get in return is brand new pathways forged in the brain that support your well-lived life.

Nurturing our external connection

It is here where we begin the rest of the story. You fiery women are the ones to continue to walk towards what makes you most fulfilled. It is you who inspire other women to be the one who in turn inspires the next woman. It is you—fine, fine, friend—who keeps me accountable

You can tell who the strong women are. They are the ones you see building one another up instead of tearing each other down.


to this calling and I, too, will hold you lovingly accountable to living a life with your heart ablaze! May you forever be my muse and I be yours.

Our online community has a private place for group accountability, story-telling, support and celebration. Please join us if you have not already at

You can start planning your online Birthday party, too, because we are all coming to celebrate you!

This book is now your sacred companion. May it bring you deeper into a sacred life of freedom. It has been beautiful to stand beside you on this intimate and vulnerable journey of self-exploration. You have begun the practice and there is no stopping you now! What we are doing through this practice can very well be the new normal for the generations to follow. Where it is not only normal to have a “love your life attitude” but it is encouraged and modelled.

We’ve got this, sisters!

Now turn to the first page, and read it again, then again. Maintain your focus on your practices. Keep the interesting conversations going and continue to dream into reality your life well lived. Keep up with the research, because it is fascinating, just like you.

I love you all so much, thank you for joining me in this movement, it is no mistake we are all here at this particular time in our lives. This is the time when Fiery and Fabulous Women over 50 lead the way.

Rise and Shine, sisters. See you in the light!




Wow! you have come so far and I am very happy you came on this journey with me. Now, share widely, pay the inspiration forward. Stay wild Dear One!

Cathy Mines

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